Discus FishDiscus Fish are beautiful pets to have but understanding their environment and learning how to keep them happy, healthy and breeding can be a huge job for a beginner or even for someone who has been a discus fish lover for a while.  If you are a beginner or have not had much success with discus fish,  no worries because you will have all the information that you need for success.

What is the Origin of Discus Fish

Discus Fish are known as the “The King” of tropical fish.  They originate from the Amazon River and surrounding rivers and lakes.  Discus Fish gets their name from the shape of their body.  Their bodies are disc-shaped.  They are part of the cichlid family but they grow much larger in size.  They like deep water and you will need to get a big aquarium to make them happy.

They are very sociable fish and they like in a groups.   It is common to have least 6 discus fish in the tank at one time.  You will have better results if you keep them grouped together.  This is good for a couple of reasons.  By having a group is a good way to see if they will partner up and breed and it also keeps them from misbehaving.

One thing that I have discovered about them is that they look for food all day long.  It is perfectly fine to feed them a couple of times a day.  Make sure not to feed them more than 5 times a day because you don’t want to over feed them.

Discus Fish Colors

One of the things that I have found so unique about them is that you can change the color of them by the food that you feed them or with hormones.  Most owners and pet stores will feed the fish food that will change their colors like beet juice, shrimp, paprika, and lobster roe.  If you feed your fish foods that will change their color, you will have to continue or their color will slowly fade away.

Another way to get your discus fish to change colors is through hormones.  The perceptions is that the more colorful the fish is, the more likely someone is going to purchase it. As with feeding fish to make their change color, hormone –treated fish will also start to lose their color once the hormones stop.

Keeping your Discus Fish Happy

Keeping Discus Fish can be a job.  The secret to having the happiest, healthiest discus fish is to make sure that their water is clean.  Unclean water will make the fish stressed and it can cause illness.  They are very shy and are sensitive to loud noises.  For the optimal setting in the aquarium, purchase stones, corals and plants so that they can rest and be able to hide.  They are highly sensitive and you want to keep them out of stressful situations.  It is also a good idea to put them in a quiet area in the home.

In conclusion, discus fishes are beautiful to have in your aquarium.  They do require a little more work to keep them happy but if you do you will have beautiful, happy, healthy long living discus fish.

Happy Discus Fish,

Theresa Jordan
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