discus care secrets Here are some Discus Care Secrets so that you can keep them healthy, happy and breeding   Discus Care is very important for having healthy and breeding fish. Discus fish are some of the most beautiful fish that you can have. The aquarium will look amazing because they have some of the most beautiful colors in the world. Many stay away from discus fish because they have a bad reputation of being high maintenance. When you set you your discus aquarium and see how wonderful it looks with the colors of your discus, you will have to admit it is a labor of love. The reward is so amazing. Discus fish are not cheap. So if you get it wrong, you could lose some serious money. The real truth is, if you follow some basic rules, you will have long living, health discus fish for years to come.

The secret to having success with your discus fish is all in the water. You have to keep optimal tank condition for your discus care. There are couple things that must be maintained if you want health fish.

Discus Care – The overall Discus tank

Discus can grow huge in size and they need to large tank to accommodate them. The purpose of a large tank is to also accommodate the number of discus fish that you own. Discus are sociable fish and they like to be in a colony of at least 6, you should keep this in mind when you are purchasing your fish. They can be shy and they like to find places to hide. By adding rocks and plants will give them shelter so that they can hide. This stops them from being stressed out. It is not recommended to have a lot of plants and rocks in the tank because uneaten food and waste can get trapped in rocks, gravel and plants. This causes the water to get dirty. If you are a newbie, you should start with a clear bottom because it is easier to maintain.

Discus Care – Clean Water is The Key

Discus Care actually starts with making sure that you have clean water in the tank. The most common reason that discus fish owners fail is because they did not keep the water clean. One of the labor extensive requirements is changing about 25% of the tank water at least 2 times a week. If the water is not clean it can stress out your fish. When discus fish are stressed they do not eat well and it can weaken their system. As they become weak they are prone to diseases that can kill them.

Discus Care – Maintaining the Proper Temperature

Discus fish are from the banks of the Amazon river. The temperatures of the water there is 82-83 degrees Fahrenheit and that is the same temperature you want your tank to be. To achieve this, a heater will need to be purchased so that you can regulate the temperature of the water.

Discus Care Secrets – The proper PH level

You have to purchase a test kit so that you can properly test the water to make sure that it does not contain chlorine or heavy metals. Your tank pH level should be in the range of 5.5 – 7 but the optimal pH level for discus fish is 6. This is the proper levels for optimal discus care.

Keeping your discus fish alive is not hard. You have to make sure that you keep their environment clean. Clean water is essential to them and if not it can cause diseases that can make them sick and die. For optimal discus care make sure that you are following the guidelines above.


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