Discus BreedingDiscus fish are a joy to have but most people like to take it a step further with discus breeding.   Discus fish has a high price tag on them and you can make some extra money by breeding and selling the babies.  Don’t get frustrated if it does not happen right away, it can take some time to make sure that you have the optimal conditions for discus breeding.

The first thing that most people get wrong is that they do not purchase their discus in groups.  You should purchase at least 6 at a time.  This is done for a couple of reasons.  They are sociable fish and they like to stick in a colony and when you have groups of fish it gives them more opportunity to pick a mate.  A big challenge to Discus breeding is getting them to mate.   Be sure that you are purchasing male and female discus fish.

Optimal tank conditions for discus breeding

Discus fish are sensitive and in order from them to breed you want to make sure that the tank conditions are suitable for them.  Since they are very sensitive they require clean water in their tank.  To keep the water clean, you will have to change 25% of the water at least two times a week.  They also require water temperatures of 84-86 degrees Fahrenheit and pH levels between 5.5 – 7.

Discus Breeding – They have found a mate

When your discus finds a mate you will be able to notice some changes.  They tend to become aggressive and territorial.  If you notice this behavior, you can remove them and put them in another tank that you have set up for breeding.  In some cases, the fish will never breed no matter how wonderful the tank conditions are.  This can be from diseases, a bad diet or parasites.

Discus Breeding – What should I do?

Discus fish are excellent breeders but it is ideal that you have the perfect habitat for them in order from them to breed.  You have to provide them an area for them to lay their eggs.  All you need is a 20-30 gallon tank.  You want to keep the tank real simple.  You can add some plants because discus find are shy and they will want to have some place to hide.  You will also need a vertical surface for them to lay their eggs onto.  Some discus breeders will use a flowerpot or a leafed plant.

Once the eggs are laid and fertilized the parents feeds the young fry from their own scales.  The young should remain with their parents for a couple of weeks and then moved to another tank.  You should start seeing signs that your fish are ready to start breeding again.

Breeding discus can be hard in the beginning.  You have to make sure that your tank maintains optimal conditions for breeding.  If it does not work the first time, don’t give up and have fun with your discus breeding.


Click Here:  For a Complete Guide on Discus Breeding.

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