discus breedingDiscus fish are so temperamental so why in the world would you be interested in discus breeding.  Well if you have mastered discus fish care then it is time that you look at discus breeding.  This is a hobby that can be very rewarding.

Discus Breeding Strategy One – A Clean Tank

Discus health is an important part to discus breeding.  If you have poor water conditions you will not have success with breeding.  A clean tank is a tank that gets 25% of its water changed out a couple times a week.  A clean tank is making sure that you vacuum out the bottom of the tank to get rid of waste and uneaten food.  Uneaten food will decay and cause bacteria in the water.  A clean tank means making sure that the pH levels are between 5.5-7 and that the water remains soft at 3-15dH.  A big part is making sure that the temperatures are between 82-86 degrees Fahrenheit and 28-30 degrees Celsius.  Filtration of the water is very important.  Mechanical filtration using a sponge is highly recommended.  Just remember to wash the sponge often.

Discus Breeding Strategy Two – Did they find a Mate?

A big problem that most discus owners face is that the fish will not pick a mate.  You cannot pick a mate for them, they have to.  There are two things that will ensure that your discus fish finds a mate.  The first thing is to purchase a pair of discus breeders from the pet store.  You will pay more for them but you will be getting a pair that are a mate.  The second thing is to purchase your fish in groups of 6 and make sure that you have equal males and females.  You also want to purchase them as juveniles because they will grow together and they seem to pick a mate.  Their behavior will change once they find a mate.  They will hang out together separate from every one else.  You will notice that they will become territorial when others come to their spot. When you see this behavior, it is time to put them in a breeding tank.

Discus Breeding Strategy Two – Time for the breeding tank

It is a very good idea to get a separate breeding tank.  For discus breeding, I do not recommend trying to get your discus to breed in their regular tank.  You will need to purchase a 20 gallon tank, a thermometer and a heater to maintain the water conditions.  You will also still need to check the pH levels in the tank.

Don’t concern yourself with putting a lot of ornaments in the tank.  A bare bottom tank will be better because it will be easier to keep clean.  As you probably already know, discus fish are very shy and like to hide so it is a good idea to put some plants in the tank.

You do have to place a vertical surface in the tank so that the female can lay her eggs.  You can purchase a discus breeder cone or you can just place an flower pot upside down in the tank.  Once the male fertilizes the eggs, it will take about two to three days before they hatch.  It will then take them about two days before they are swimming around in the tank.

The fry will each off their parents flesh for the first 2 weeks.  You can start to feed them chopped up baby brine shrimp.  After that time, they will need to be placed in a separate tank away from the parents.  You should feed them frequently because it will help with the growth of the fry.  I do not recommend feeding them more than 5 times a day.


For a Complete Guide to Discus Breeding, visit:  Discus Breeding Strategies


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